Gotta meme em’ all!

About Us

PepemonGo is a next generation Pepe focusing on Pepemon and AR experiences. We will be launching on the Ethereum Chain. With our game release coming soon along with NFTs, our Pepemon take part in what will be one of the most hyped memes around! With the majority of the focus on building a community that will keep Pepemon strong and a utility to follow through, we will grow to beat em all!


For more information about the project read our detailed Pitchdeck.

The Game

PepemonGo the Game revolves around hunting and collect Pepemons! Utilizing new AR and VR technology and AI Algorithms for egg hatching we have created one of the top tier games of 2023.

You can obtain EGG NFTs and be able to grow and evolve into a bigger and deadlier Pepemon! Fight alongside friends in a journey never seen before!

More fights you win the more PepeGO Tokens you make!

Sign Up, make friends, collect pepemons, upgrade them, battle with them and more..

Token Integration

Token Integration is a key use-case as they provide you with so many benefits throughout the games ecosystem. Providing you with many benefits and special access, take part in the universe of Pepemons and what you can unlock as a PEPEGO Holder!

Take part in the PepemonGo Ecosystem where you can UNLOCK

Exclusive Inventory Space

PvP Battle Zones

Tradable Achievement Badges

The more PepemonGo tokens you HOLD the better tier trainer you become!


HOLD 500$ Worth of PepemonGo Tokens


HOLD 2000$ Worth of PepemonGo Tokens


HOLD 10,000$ Worth of PepemonGo Tokens

These values are based on Presale prices.

Evolve and power up using your Pepemongo tokens !

As you increase and grow your Pepemon’s you can evolve them and power them up using PEPEGO Tokens and Pepe Candies.

With each Pepemon having a base damage, increasing these values help you level up and gain more PEPEGO Tokens when you defeat higher level Pepemons! This is an ecosystem that strives on those who are Trainers and Masters alike! Higher the Tier the more valuable your Play to Earn aspect comes into fruition!

Pepemon Candies can be found while fighting pepe gym’s, trainers, PVP Battlegrounds but are very rare and expensive!

Friends, Multiplayer & PVP

Play with Friends online! Trade your PepemonGo Tokens, NFTs, fight them in PVP Battles! Take part in the adventure! Join them to catch and fight the difficulties of this world of AR and VR with the use of friendship! PepemonGo is a mobile massive online game utilizing mechanics new to the scene.

Terrain and Location

Utilizing the Terrain is very crucial as to which Pepemons you may find, from heat in the desert to ice in wintery chill areas you can get any type of Pepemon you can desire if you have the skills and powers to defeat them! Find them in mountains like a Pepemander would be, or find them near a river where a Pepekarp would be hiding!

Eggs and Hatching

Utilize the ability to mint EGGS! Who knows what rare one of a kind Pepemon is inside? What if you get a legendary Pepemon!

The higher tier of tokens held will make you have a higher chance of getting a better Pepemon to hatch! You must be a Master for a chance to get a legendary!

You must also have a massive amount of Candies! This is not an easy task as these Candies are hard to find!

Eggs can be one of the best ways to get the best Pepemons to ever exist, are you lucky enough to hatch the right one?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

With many games utilizing VR and AR, Pepemon is on the peak of technological advances by working on developing a VR associated game with the help of Unreal Engine! With our game primarily set in AR overlapping existing geography, utilizing VR will push our awareness and game likeability tremendously! 

Pepemon NFT's

Our NFT release will be done post launch and in batches, each batch will have a unique set of Pepemon that will have different characteristics, unique attributes, styles and powers.

The greater you develop your NFT in game the more it’ll be worth!

Get them soon! If you’re a second too late you will miss the drop!


Stage 1

  • Website Launch
  • Telegram Launch
  • Medium Launch
  • Reddit Launch
  • WhitePaper Release

Stage 2

  • Crypto Marketing Campaign
  • Community Engagement Campaign
  • Contract Creation and testing
  • Staking developments and testing
  • Contract Deployment
  • Contract Verification
  • Audit confirmation
  • KYC confirmation

Stage 3

  • Launch
  • Dextools Information Updated
  • List on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko
  • 500+ Holders
  • 1 million Marketcap
  • Youtube Campaign
  • Twitter Campaign
  • DAO Creation and development

Stage 4

  • 1000+ Holders
  • Crypto marketing Agency partnerships
  • Crypto Expo partnerships
  • Crypto Influencer Partnerships
  • Community Voted Utility Released
  • NFT Staking released
  • Exchange Listing Hotbit
  • Exchange Listing BitMart
  • Exchange Listing

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